Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Tiruchirappalli

Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Tiruchirappalli- The Indian pharmaceutical industry is ranked 3rd in the world for manufacturing pharma products by volume. The nation through the pharma market is considered to be one of the most precious countries. Pharma Sector holds the 14th position among all in terms of value. Currently, India plays a material role in manufacturing producing an enormous range of superior quality and low-cost medicines for India and the market. Asterisk Healthcare is the leading Pharma Company and Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Tiruchirappalli that offers the best manufacturing services to people.

Asterisk Healthcare is a GMP& ISO-certified Manufacturing Company in Tiruchirappalli that produces large-scale Pharma products one time, we manufactured 500+ vibrant ranges of formulations to empower health. All the produced solution by Asterisk is approved by FSSAI and DCGI. The Third Party pharma Manufacturer in Tiruchirappalli strictly goes along with the guidelines of WHO and GMP to maintain the worldwide standard. Moreover, to maintain accuracy in our factory we use only the latest technology for the modern development of our organization.

Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Tiruchirappalli
We are a trustworthy Pharma Manufacturer in Tiruchirappalli that is always ready to help our client’s businesses. To get more information call us anytime at  +91 9216413888,  +91 77173 37608 or you can mail us at

Quality Assured FSSAI and DCGI Approved a Vibrant Range of Pharma Products

Our first priority is product quality because it introduces or shows the face of our Third-Party pharma Manufacturer in Tiruchirappalli. All the products offered by Asterisk is safe, pure, suitable, and effective for all kinds of disease such as allergy, flu, bacterial infection, cough, cold, fever, and much more. We have an R&D team of professionals who examines all pharma medications deeply at each level. Our firm is supported by our skilled staff who are very experienced and professional in their field.

  • Tablet/Amoxycillin Range Tablet
  • Tablet/Cefadroxil Range
  • Tablet/Cefdinir Range
  • Tablet/Cefixime Range
  • Tablet/Cefpodoxime Range
  • Tablet/Cefuroxime Range
  • Tablet / Cephalexin Range
  • Tablet/Sultamicillin Range
  • Dry Syrup/Amoxycillin Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefaclor Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefadroxil Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefdinir Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefixime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefpodoxime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefprozil Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefuroxime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cephalexin Range

Best Pharma Manufacturing Company in Tiruchirappalli

Asterisk healthcare is a prominent name in the Pharma industry, We are the first choice of customers because of our manufacturing services in Tiruchirappalli. We deal with retailers, wholesalers, pharmacists, franchise holders, etc. We are a well-established organization additionally we divided our production-related duty into different departments to run smooth manufacturing procedures such as Packaging, R&D, Shipping, manufacturing, and  Composition collecting.

  • Attractive Packaging- Packaging plays a crucial role to boost sales so we hire the best packaging team to make packaging attractive. Apart from this before delivery of the stock, we check that the package is damaged and leakage-proof.
  • High-tech Machinery- Our Factory in Tiruchirappalli follows all developing techniques for unmistakable manufacturing which is the only reason we use modern types of equipment and high-tech machinery.
  • Raw Material- All raw material is purchased by a trusted vendor and handpicked by our own staff. Moreover, to ensure the quality of raw material, our professionals tested in our own micro labs.
  • Warehouse- We have our own warehouse where we stored all stocks and the storage room is regularly cleaned by our workers. As the best manufacturers in Tiruchirappalli, we set a temperature control system in the warehouse to increase the lifeline of medication.

WHO and GMP Certified Plants for Third-Party pharma Manufacturers in Tiruchirappalli

Our manufacturing unit is well known for following all rules of safety measures and for our well-equipped facility with cutting-edge machinery for manufacturing top-quality pharma items. In order to achieve better results in production mechanical professionals inspect each service of the machinery used on a regular basis. We normally sterilize our plants to keep our work area contamination free and hygienic because we know that it is critical to keep the plant free and clean of unwanted particles.

  • The manufacturing unit is developed on a large, open plot of land with a one-of-a-kind infrastructure.
  • Production duty is handled by different departments of the manufacturing Unit.
  • We update our pharma products as per the market trends.
  • Committed to providing top-rated products certified by reputed medical associations.

Benefits of Collaborating With Asterisk Healthcare

We are the most experienced Third-Party pharma Manufacturer in Tiruchirappalli to elaborate our factory is certified and approved by the government and international organizations such as DCGI, ISO, GMP, FSC, and WHO. We have partnered with delivery companies PAN India that help serve you better. Our team makes sure that your order is delivered within the guaranteed time. As a disciplined manufacturing company, we keep on expanding our reach to strategic elements that help us become pioneers in manufacturing capabilities

  • Affordable Price- All top-rated pharma solutions are available in bulk quality at an affordable price. Because our aim is not only to boost sales but also mankind welfare.
  • 24*7 customer Care- We appointed a customer care department if they have queries, or doubts regarding our services. You can call us anytime and ask anything about Asterisk Healthcare.
  • Stock Availability- Due to stock shortages of stocks many pharma companies suffer but in our organization, all demanding products are always available.

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Manufacturing Plant Address: ASTERISK HEALTHCARE:-V.PO. Bathri, Tehsil Haroli, Distt. UNA-174301 (Manufacturing Unit In Himachal Pradesh)

Contact:  +91 9216413888,  +91 77173 37608