Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Dehradun

Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Dehradun- The capital of Uttarakhand is Dehradun which is a beautiful city in the doon valley near the Himalayan foothills. It is a booming area because of tourism and increased commercialization. The current lifestyle choices of the population have increased health problems significantly. Due to this, there is a tremendous demand for pharma products in the general public. To meet such rising needs, pharma professionals are actively looking for collaboration with the best Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Dehradun.  

Asterisk Healthcare is a top third party pharma manufacturing company in Dehradun. We are an ISO-certified pharmaceutical company working under the ethical guidelines of the World Health Organization. Asterisk Healthcare was established in 2005 to improve people’s health by curating the best healthcare products in the market. Fortunately, we are not limited to manufacturing, as we have taken considerable strides to provide other services to pharma professionals. It is the reason that we are the top Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Dehradun.

Asterisk Healthcare Is The Leading Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company 

Asterisk is the top name in the pharmaceutical industry, with over 17 years of experience. Our mission is to provide top-quality products at a competitive price range. We also try to improve or innovate our products to enhance their efficacy in the general public. Asterisk Healthcare also provides unbeatable services and promotional tools to offer our clients and customers the best treatments available in the market. 

To ensure the quality of our products, we have a team of designated team of professional workers that work day and night to ensure the manufacturing services are performed with total efficiency without any trouble. This is one of the few reasons which makes us the best third party pharma manufacturing company in Dehradun.  

  • More than 5000 happy and satisfied customers 
  • Total of 500 hard-working employees for efficient manufacturing 
  • Transparent nature of conduction of business. 
  • Receive multiple awards for the formulation of medicines  
  • Superior quality of packaging on all products 
  • Policies aligned with national and international ethical agencies 
  • Over 17 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry 

Why You Should Opt For Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company Instead Of Own Plant 

Opting for a third party pharma manufacturing company in Dehradun is an ideal option for the pharma professionals of the city. It is because pharma professionals can save a lot of time and money by collaborating with the best third party pharma manufacturer in Dehradun. It will not only help pharma business owners save time and money, but on top of that, they can get top-quality products at their disposal. 

  • Manufacturing of top-quality pharmaceutical products 
  • Sustainable expansion of your business with low investments  
  • Most profitable or beneficial deal for owners and service providers 
  • Third party manufacturing is the most cost-effective procedure for the pharma professionals 
  • Continuous supply of high-demand products in the market without any self-manufacturing. 
  • Increased efficiency of business conduction and services in the market.  

 Quality Assured Product Range Offered For Third Party Pharma Manufacturing  

Asterisk Healthcare has dedicated employees working daily to curate the best quality pharmaceutical products. All our products are highly tested and are made to have a significant impact from low and safe doses. The use of supreme quality raw materials plays an essential role in formulating our products for third party pharma manufacturing in Dehradun.  

Our product range is curated by one of the most talented teams of experts who put all their hearts and souls into changing people’s lives through the best healthcare products.   

  • Capsules Dry Syrup/Amoxycillin Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefadroxil Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefdinir Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefixime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefpodoxime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefprozil Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefuroxime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cephalexin Range
  • Syrup & Suspension
  • Tablet/Amoxycillin Range Tablet
  • Tablet/Cefadroxil Range
  • Tablet/Cefdinir Range
  • Tablet/Cefixime Range
  • Tablet/Cefpodoxime Range 

Significant Reasons To Be A Part Of Our Team For Third Party Manufacturing 

To collaborate with us, pharma professionals must reach us via any of the mediums mentioned on our website. The main reasons that we are a viable option for third party pharma manufacturers in Dehradun are listed below and aimed to provide a clear understanding of the scenarios and benefits you will receive by working with us for all your pharma endeavours.  We are confident that you will find our company an ideal candidate for collaboration and business.

  • Backed up experienced staff members  
  • Affordable business plans for growth 
  • The quick action of customer feedback and criticism 
  • Great networking team to reach the depths of the market. 
  • Authenticated services and products from our end 
  • The vast distribution network for products across the nation 
  • State-of-the-art facilities for efficient manufacturing 
  • A large warehouse for storing all your products in a safe environment. 


If you are a pharma professional looking to start a pharma business and want to invest a safe amount with the additional costs, then third party manufacturing is the right option. Asterisk is a well-established company that will help you to grow your business and that is the reason that makes us the best third party pharma manufacturer in Dehradun 

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Phone-  +91 9216413888, +91 77173 37608