Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Ajmer: Located in Rajasthan, Ajmer is famous for its history and heritage. With a population of over six lakhs, the city’s infrastructure and socioeconomic status are thriving, and it is a matter of time before the city of Ajmer becomes an economic hub of north India. Today, there are a lot of health issues in our society because people’s lifestyle habits are changing for the worse, and due to this, there is a high demand for good quality medicines in the city. Many pharma professionals are looking for third party pharma manufacturer in Ajmer to meet the needs of pharmaceutical products of the people.

Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Ajmer

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One of the best third party pharma manufacturer in Ajmer is Asterisk Healthcare. We are a pharmaceutical firm with ISO certification that operates under WHO ethical standards. Asterisk Healthcare handpicks the top medical supplies available to improve people’s health. Fortunately, we have made significant efforts to offer other services to pharma experts, so we are not just confined to production, as our manufacturing standards are world-class, and our products speak for themselves.

Asterisk Healthcare: Reputed Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Supplier in the Country.

The leading manufacturer in the pharmaceutical sector, Asterisk, has more than 17 years of expertise. Our goal is to offer premium items at a reasonable price range. To increase our goods’ effectiveness among the general public, we also work to develop or improve them. To give our clients and consumers the most effective treatments, Asterisk Healthcare offers incomparable services and advertising strategies.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who work around the clock to ensure that the production services are carried out efficiently and without any difficulties to safeguard the quality of our items. This is only one of the few factors that distinguish us as the ideal choice as a  third-party pharma manufacturer in Ajmer.

  • More than 5000 happy and satisfied clients
  • 500 committed specialists for adequate production
  • Business integrity is safeguarded
  • Received numerous accolades for developing drugs
  • All product features packaging of the highest magnitude.
  • Policies that are within compliance with domestic and international ethical organisations
  • Seventeen years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Benefits of Approaching a Manufacturing Company For Pharma Businessowners

Using a third-party pharma manufacturing business is the best alternative for the city’s pharma specialists. Working with the most outstanding third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer in Ajmer allows pharma experts to save significant time and money. Pharma business owners will not only be able to save time and money, but they will also have access to high-quality products. There will be less risk and reasonable profits with a third party manufacturing business in Ajmer.

  • Production of superior medicinal items
  • Sustainable business growth with minimal investment
  • Most lucrative or advantageous transaction for owners and service suppliers
  • Continuous market supply of goods in high demand without any self-production
  • Increased effectiveness of market services and corporate operations.

Widest Range of Effective Medications For Pharma Business and Services

The diligent staff of Asterisk Healthcare works hard every day to choose the top pharmaceutical items. Our solutions have undergone extensive testing and are designed to work well in small, secure dosages. Our goods for third party pharma manufacturing in Ajmer are formulated using only the highest quality raw ingredients.

One of the most brilliant teams of industry professionals handpicks our product line to improve people’s lives via the finest medical supplies.

Dry Syrup/Cefuroxime Range Dry Syrup/Cephalexin Range

Syrup & Suspension


Tablet/Cefadroxil Range

Dry Syrup/Cefprozil Range Tablet/Amoxycillin Range Tablet
TABLETS Capsules


Dry Syrup/Amoxycillin Range  


Dry Syrup/Cefaclor Range



Dry Syrup/Cefadroxil Range


Dry Syrup/Cefdinir Range

Dry Syrup/Cefpodoxime Range Dry Syrup/Cefixime Range
Tablet/Cefpodoxime Range Tablet/Cefdinir Range


Tablet/Cefixime Range  

Tablet / Cephalexin Range

Tablet/Cefuroxime Range  

Tablet/Sultamicillin Range



Significant Reason to Choose Asterisk Healthcare for Pharma Services and Manufacturing

Pharma experts must contact us through one of the channels listed on our website to partner with us. To provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of the possibilities and advantages you will experience by working with us for all of your pharmaceutical endeavours, the major reasons why we are a feasible alternative for third party pharma manufacturers in Ajmer are stated below.

  • Backed by knowledgeable employees
  • Affordable company strategies for expansion
  • Prompt response to client complaints and comments
  • Excellent networking team to penetrate the market’s depths.
  • Authenticated goods and services coming from us
  • Extensive nationwide network of product distribution
  • Modern infrastructure for productive manufacturing
  • Sizable warehouse for secure storage of all your goods.


So, if you’re a pharma professional looking for pharmaceutical manufacturing services in Ajmer, Asterisk Healthcare is the ideal choice for you; our brilliant services and top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities will prove to be fruitful for your pharma business. We hope to work with you and wish you luck in all your prospects.

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