Third Party Manufacturing for Cough Syrup in India

Third-Party Manufacturing for Cough Syrup – Asterisk Healthcare is a prominent brand in the market engaged in the manufacturing of Cough Syrups obeying set standards, guidelines, and norms for our clients. We are a company that focuses on the effectiveness of Cough Syrups so we have a vast range that can cure dry cough, wet cough, Burning Cough, Serious Cough, Chronic cough, etc.

Fortunately, Our firm Asterisk Healthcare is backed by an expert team that consists of pharma specialists, doctors, Healthcare Professionals, and determined team workers who put their best indulging us to formulate the top most quality cough syrups using the best quality raw material derived from 100% pure ingredients. That’s why we are recognized as the best Third-Party Manufacturer for Cough Syrup in India.

Third Party Manufacturing for Cough Syrup

Moreover, we are a company that has its own WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units geared up with newfangled technology. As a result, we are offering reliable as well as affordable services of Third-Party Manufacturing for Cough Syrups in each party of the country. As we know that a wide number of the population is suffering from severe cough diseases such as chronic cough, etc., so we are aiming to improve the health of the people of India by offering them our top-notch cough syrups.

Therefore, if you are an individual willing to deal with a cough syrup product line in your territory then you can choose Asterisk Healthcare, you can connect with us at +91 7717337608, +91 9216413888, or ping a mail at

Extensive Cough Product Range Offered by Asterisk Healthcare

As we stated earlier, that we are backed by a team of individuals who have expertise in their fields. And this is the reason that we have a wide cough syrup product inventory. Our product range is approved by top authorities and adored by many consumers due to the efficacy, availability as well as affordability of our cough syrups.

Our vast product range of cough syrups include:

  • Amoxycillin Range,
  • Cefaclor Range,
  • Cefadroxil Range,
  • Cefdinir Range,
  • Cefixime Range,
  • Cefpodoxime Range,
  • Cefprozil Range,
  • Cefuroxime Range,
  • Cephalexin Range, etc.

Hence, all the above is included in our cough syrup product range, these all product range is formulated by the top doctors under the supervision of our quality check team that observes manufacturing process at every step from raw material to finished product.

Quality Policy for Third-Party Manufacturing for Cough Syrup

Since commencement, we are concentrating on the quality as well as the effectiveness of our cough syrups. Asterisk Healthcare is a company that always follows business ethics and has the transparency in dealing, sophisticated infrastructure, etc. We always upgrade and adapt as per the changing needs of our consumers that make us the prominent third-party manufacturer for cough syrup in India.

Here are some attributes of ours regarding quality:

  • The highest standard is maintained including a quality-focused culture that makes our quality our priority.
  • Spacious warehouses kept always clean and hygienic to avoid any quality fault.
  • Ensuring Safety, efficacy, and reliability that makes our cough syrups top-notch.
  • Our employees are committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Inspection of manufacturing equipment even after short-spaced intervals.

Therefore, there are several factors that demonstrate the quality policy of cough syrups at Asterisk Healthcare. Moreover, Our ISO, WHO, GMP, certifications also illustrate the quality of our cough syrups as can be only maintained meeting the international standardization requirement.

Perks of Linking with us Third Party Manufacturing for Cough Syrup in India

Asterisk Healthcare is the most reputed brand that has an outstanding cough syrup range. As we hold vast industry experience and profound knowledge and leveraging the knowledge we have provided the best third-party manufacturing services in India as a result, our client got gratified experience. Along with quality, we offer some unique benefits to our clients.

Several benefits provided by us include;

  • Indigenous and excellent technology allows us to manufacture products in bulk in one go, so you will never lack cough syrup stock.
  • Ingredients used in manufacturing are bought from certified and authentic vendors only.
  • To ensure timely delivery of our cough syrups, we have built a strong distribution network all over the country.
  • Our attractive and eye-catchy packaging material will help you in penetrating the market in a more efficient way.
  • Payment methods and plans are quite easy at Asterisk Healthcare. Moreover, no additional paperwork is required.

Therefore, we have the best as well as easy plans for third-party manufacturing for cough syrups in India. If you are an individual wanting to be a high-flier via this cough syrup’s particular product segment and don’t have your own manufacturing unit then you can choose us to heighten up your business. We assure you that you will get the best experience and support from our end. You can connect with us at the below-mentioned contact information.

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