Third Party Manufacturing Company in Mumbai- The rising demand for high-quality pharmaceutical products shows the industry’s rapid expansion for entities. Many pharma experts are looking for third-party pharma manufacturers in Mumbai that understand the need for high-quality pharmaceutical products. Asterisk Healthcare is a well-known name in the pharmaceutical industry, having met the needs of several PCD franchise firms and distributors. We are now representing our services in Maharashtra as a Third Party Manufacturing Company In Mumbai.

Our company is well-known for producing a wide range of excellent medications that have been approved by DCGI and FSSAI. Asterisk Healthcare is an ISO accredited Third Party Manufacturing Company in Mumbai that manufactures products in accordance with WHO and GMP requirements. We primarily cover the following product categories: tablets, capsules, injectables, sachets, syrups, and many others. To please our customers, we offer on-time delivery, stock availability, and customer care services.Third Party Manufacturing Company in Mumbai

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How Are We Able To Provide Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturing In Mumbai?

Asterisk Healthcare is one of the well-known firms that has made every attempt to contribute to the health sector by offering high-quality pharmaceutical products. During our working term, we have received several nominations, all of which have been made possible by our efficient medications. Our manufacturing unit is the driving force behind our success. It is built on a large, open plot of ground with distinct sections for each sort of activity. This makes our manufacturing cycle more pleasant and allows the products to flow more smoothly.

  • The unit where our production takes place is well equipped with hi-tech machinery and other tools.
  • Our all equipment is usually oiled and serviced for receiving better output and quality.
  • The unit is sanitised to keep the area contamination free and to prevent the products from infection.
  • The R & D team of our company researches new compounds and takes them to the market.
  • Due to being located in a duty-free zone, we are able to provide affordable product ranges for our customers.

Avail Our Quality Pharma Products For Companies And Distributors 

Products play a vital role to measure the goodwill of the company, as society prefers to choose that company’s product that emphasizes quality. Here at Asterisk Healthcare, we emphasize the quality of the products rather than just boosting sales. It is our main priority that is why our products go through various parameters to maintain the quality of the products. Our products are manufactured under systematic supply chain management. This management not only reduces the cost of the products but also minimizes the resources and maintains the quality of the products. Our Product Ranges
1 Ayurvedic
2 Anti-Diabetic
3 Anti-Anemia
4 Anti-Dengue
5 Anti-Obesity
6 Anti-diarrheal
7 Fairness Formula
8 Gynecology Range
9 Health Supplement
10 Urology Products
11 Orthopedics Range
12 Liver- Health Tonics
13 Neurology Medicines
14 Digestive Supplement
15 Sexual Healthcare Range
16 Haematology Supplements
17 Cardiovascular Medicines
18 Hair Nail Skin Growth Range
19 Powders Granules for External and Oral Use

Beneficial Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services In Mumbai

Established in 2005, Asterisk Healthcare has been keeping the care of its clients and treating them as a very precious part of the organisation. We always emphasize living up to the client’s expectations and providing them full satisfaction as per their need. Before establishment and in the beginning, we did deep research on the demand of the customers and we got a few things that they really needed. We believe that the customers do not need any kind of gifts for their business; they just want smooth third party pharma manufacturing from the manufacturer. We will explicate some advantages after interacting with the Third Party Manufacturing Company in Mumbai.

  • Logistics Services- So that the customers can fill the demand of their customers in the market in a given time, thus, we always provide on-time delivery of the products through our logistics team.
  • Customer Care- In order to obtain all accurate information about the third party pharma manufacturing services in Mumbai, we have appointed customer care representatives to guide our clients.
  • Inventory Availability- We always keep the most demanded products in our warehouse so that our clients can get them when they need them, this makes us the ideal pharma manufacturing company in Mumbai.
  • Informative Platform- Asterisk Healthcare is an informative platform for gaining knowledge regarding the demand of the different pharma products in the industry as here numerous experts usually contact and make our company informative hub.

Take A Look At The Procedure Of Third Party Manufacturing Company

Third party pharma manufacturing is a popular concept for obtaining quality pharma products. Pharma entities prefer to choose third party manufacturing rather than enabling their own plant that requires huge investment. It also reduces the huge time needed for other tasks and majorly it is a hassle-free method to obtain pharma products. Manufacturers have a duty to emphasize quality and the users have to sell them in the market. In this way, it makes a good flow in the market and gives high growth to the customer’s business. Here is how most of the companies operate third party manufacturing.

  1. Create a list of pharmaceutical products and place an order for the quantity required by the clients.
  2. The design and colour scheme of the product, including its packaging and labelling, must be decided.
  3. A copy of an adhar card, a pan card, a drug licence, and a GST certification are all necessary documents for the agreement.
  4. Estimate the cost of packing, the products you’ve chosen, the brand name, and payment.
  5. We will begin manufacturing pharmaceutical products after all formalities have been finalised.
  6. Once our production process is complete, our logistics team transports the products to their end destination.

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