Third Party Manufacturing Company in Hyderabad- With the spike in the need for pharma products, numerous pharma companies or professionals are asking for the manufacturing of quality pharma products. We at Asterisk Healthcare have prepared ourselves to manufacture quality pharma products in order to fulfil the high demand of the market. Our company is ISO certified and has been working for the well being of society. Recently, we have been nominated as the Best Third Party Manufacturing Company in Hyderabad for quality pharma products. We have a vast range of pharma products that are approved by DCGI and FSSAI.

Asterisk Healthcare is a prominent name in the pharma industry that has been manufacturing quality pharma products under the rules and regulations laid by WHO and GMP. Our Third Party Manufacturing Company in Hyderabad is able to provide the bulk of the stock of products and deliver it on given time since we have an exceptional logistics team. Our company manufactures a wide range of products that include; tablets, capsules, sachet, powder, injectables and other ranges. We always prepare the most demanded products for our clients in order to meet their demand when they require it.

Third Party Manufacturing Company in Hyderabad

We are inviting pharma companies and distributors to get our third party pharma manufacturing services. If you are also interested to get our services then contact us by calling at +91 9216413888 and +91 77173 37608 or drop a mail at

How Are We Considered As The Best Pharma Manufacturing Company In Hyderabad?

Asterisk Healthcare is one of the leading third party pharma manufacturers in Hyderabad, which has been emphasizing providing quality pharma products. We have achieved numerous awards in our working tenure through our top manufacturing services. And our success credit must go to our manufacturing plant which has state-of-the-art infrastructure. Moreover, our plant has several buildings constructed which consist of different tasks of production. These different sections for various tasks make our production cycle more comfortable.

  • Latest products are manufactured by utilising cutting edge technology.
  • Our company manufactures the products under the norms set by WHO and GMP.
  • The unit is usually sanitized in order to keep the production area infection-free.
  • We lubricated and serviced all the equipment and other tools for better performance.
  • Our facility is located in a duty-free zone which reduces the overall cost of the products.

Effective Products Which We Are Manufactured

Products are the real asset of our company in which we deal, even though we believe that its our marketing tool. As our products have to represent in the market and make the clients satisfied by their effectiveness. We manufacture the products in a given time but how do we manufacture the products so there are few steps; first we get clinically approved raw material from industries, then all material is sorted by our quality team, our manufacturing process includes grinding, lamination, mending, pressing of tablets, capsules and other tasks.

Here are some of the products which we are manufactured Ranges
1 Anti-diarrheal
2 Anti-Diabetic
3 Anti-Anemia
4 Anti-Dengue
5 Fairness Formula
6 Anti-Obesity
7 Haematology Supplements
8 Liver- Health Tonics
9 Neurology Medicines
10 Cardiovascular Medicines
11 Digestive Supplement
12 Hair Nail Skin Growth Range
13 Health Supplement
14 Urology Products
15 Orthopedics Range
16 Powders Granules for External and Oral Use
17 Sexual Healthcare Range

Perks Which Our Clients Avail After Starting Getting Manufacturing Services From Us

Started in 2005, Asterisk Healthcare has left a significant benchmark among numerous pharma companies. We place a heavy focus on satisfying our clients whether it is offering quality pharma products or services. Our customers play a vital role in making our company well known as once they get our services they refer other clients as well and that day by day we are experiencing a steady increase in the number of customers. Since our establishment, we are not leaving any stone unturned to satisfy the clients. Apart from this, we are mentioning some of the benefits which we provide.

  • Supply availability- We always have the most popular pharma products on hand so that we can meet our clients’ demands.
  • On-time delivery- Once the products have been manufactured, our main objective is to deliver them on time since we understand the client’s time.
  • Knowledgeable platform- Asterisk Healthcare is a platform where our clients can learn about market demand and a wide selection of products.
  • Stronghold- We supply new products to our clients so that they may be the first distributors of that product in the market.

How To Collaborate With The Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturer In Hyderabad?

Third party manufacturing is booming in each sector, especially in the pharmaceutical sector. It brings various advantages and becomes a first preference of the pharma professionals. This method is preferable among pharma experts due to its cost-effectiveness, and hassle-free. Furthermore, it saves clients a significant amount of time, which they can dedicate to other duties such as business marketing and promotion. But before choosing that the customer should know how to collaborate with the Third Party Manufacturing Company in Hyderabad.

  1. Make a list of the pharmaceutical products that our customer wants us to manufacture.
  2. Fill in the order amount and product formulations that you require.
  3. We would provide a quotation right away, which would include payment or the price of the products.
  4. The artwork and packaging selected by the buyer should be completed.
  5. Documents required for official purposes must be kept such as drug licence, GST approval.

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