Third Party Manufacturing Company in Delhi– Pharma professionals favour third-party manufacturing due to the various duties involved in a pharma firm, ranging from product manufacture to product sales. It is one of the most used approaches in the pharmaceutical industry since it needs very little money and effort. As a reputable Third Party Manufacturing Company in Delhi, Asterisk Healthcare is devoted to providing high-quality pharmaceutical products. Our third party pharma manufacturing services are preferred by numerous pharma companies and other distributors.

Asterisk Healthcare is a well-known name in the pharmaceutical industry and an ISO certified Third Party Manufacturing Company in Delhi. The products are manufactured in a high-quality manufacturing facility in compliance with WHO and GMP standards. All of our products are DCGI and FSSAI authorised, and they are reasonably priced. The firm believes in transparent deals that result in strong bonds with customers. Our product ranges are as follows; tablets, capsules, dry syrup, lotion and other products which have manufacturing services.

Third Party Manufacturing Company in Delhi

Our company gladly invites those who want to outsource the production unit from the top Third Party Manufacturing Company in Delhi. Contact us today if you are also looking for quality pharma products through third-party manufacturers, call +91 9216413888 and +91 77173 37608. You can contact us through our email address

What Attracts Professionals To Get Our Third Party Pharma Manufacturing?

Established in 2005, Asterisk Healthcare has left a significant benchmark in the pharma market with the help of quality pharma products. The company is backed by well qualified and trained staff who have been working with us for a long time. There is a big factor behind our quality pharma products that is our manufacturing facility. All products are manufactured in WHO and GMP-compliant facilities that are furnished with cutting-edge technology and other equipment. The facility is built on a vast, open plot of land, with separate sections for each type of job.

  • We have separate divisions for blending, sieving, grinding, coatings, filling, and other activities.
  • The unit is backed by a highly-skilled production team that utilises their analytical thinking in the manufacturing of products.
  • Our plant is located in a duty-free zone that allows us to provide tax-free services.
  • All devices get oiled and serviced weekly in order to receive better output.
  • The unit is sanitized to keep away the unwanted particles and germs from the production area.

Top Quality Pharma Products Offered by Asterisk Healthcare

Asterisk healthcare is a quality-focused company and instead of just enhancing the sales we give more emphasis on making the product more effective. Thus, we manufacture our products in a long effective production lane in order to maintain the quality of the products. Our products are passed from different testing parameters so that there is not any chance left to make them quality based. Our R&D team always researches different molecules and brings new products to market to keep our company up to date in the market.

S.No Ranges
1 Ayurvedic
2 Anti-Anemia
3 Anti-Dengue
4 Anti-Diabetic
5 Anti-Obesity
6 Antidiarrheal
7 Urology Products
8 Fairness Formula
9 Gynecology Range
10 Hair Nail Skin Growth Range
11 Health Supplement
12 Hepatology Supplements
13 Sexual Healthcare Range
14 Liver- Health Tonics
15 Neurology Medicines
16 Orthopedics Range
17 Cardiovascular Medicines
18 Digestive Supplement
19 Powders Granules for External and Oral Use

What Makes Our Third Party Manufacturing Company In Delhi Beneficial For Our Clients?

Every firm is continuously on the lookout for better services since they are paying for them. And, as a reputed Third Party Manufacturer in Delhi, we never missed a beat when it came to offering lucrative services. We always support our customers in each manner. Before starting this company we had analyzed the main concern of firms or pharma professionals that are taking third party pharma manufacturing. Here are some of the major advantages of taking our manufacturing services.

  • Transportation services- Our company respects the time of our clients and always gives their best to deliver the products in a given time with the support of our logistics team.
  • In hand products- We know that many companies and distributors do not get products when they need them, but here at Asterisk healthcare ensures the stock availability of required products.
  • Safety Of the products- Our all staff adheres to the safety measurements, they pack the products accurately then deliver the products safely to their end destination.
  • Informative platform- Once the customers reach us they get to know the most demanded products in the market. Our marketing team also suggests products and shares the current scenario of the industry.

How Are Pharma Products Manufactured At Our Plant?

Third party manufacturing for pharmaceutical products in Delhi is preferred by many companies and distributors. It reduces the amount of money that is required to invest in the manufacturing plant and other types of assets. Moreover, third party pharma manufacturing also saves abundant time and that time the customer can invest for advertisement and promotion purposes. But before taking manufacturing services for quality pharma products it is important to go through our systematic production process.

  • We begin the production process by sourcing scientifically proven raw ingredients from reputable companies.
  • Our raw materials are all separated, and our quality control staff inspects and removes any superfluous particles.
  • The production line was then started by our production team by processing all of the compounds in machinery.
  • The production process includes mixing, granulation, grinding, coatings, filling, and other tasks.
  • Following production, our packaging team appropriately wraps the products and offers attractive packaging.

So we are welcoming our new customers to give us a  chance to satisfy them with our manufacturing services in Delhi.

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