Third Party Manufacturer in Nashik- The increased demand for pharmaceutical products encourages pharma experts to grow their businesses, but many are deterred by the large investment necessary for the firm. But don’t worry, we specialise in third-party pharma manufacturing, which allows you to run your business by outsourcing manufacture. After representing the services in various parts of the country, Asterisk Healthcare has established itself as a Third Party Manufacturer in Nashik for high-quality pharmaceutical products. To ensure that our products meet worldwide standards, we manufacture them in accordance with WHO and GMP requirements.

Asterisk Healthcare is an ISO certified Third Party Manufacturer in Nashik that works with DCGI and FSSAI authorised products. Tablets, capsules, injectables, eye drops, syrups, and granules are among the many pharmaceutical products made using cutting-edge technology equipment. To make the services more convenient, we provide benefits such as solutions for our clients since we deliver the products on time, stock availability, and customer care. We think that openness with customers leads to strong bonds with them.

Third Party Manufacturer in Nashik

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Why Outsource Our Unit For Third Party Pharma Manufacturing In Nashik?

Asterisk Healthcare, which was founded in 2005, has been a popular destination for individuals looking for high-quality pharmaceutical products from third-party pharma manufacturers in Nashik. Due to workplace performance, the firm has received a number of accolades over its history. Our cutting-edge production plant, which is located in a duty-free zone, is solely responsible for our high-quality products. Our manufacturing facility is separated into sections for each sort of work, such as logistics, packing, laminating, grinding, and many others, to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.

  • The latest equipment is being used to manufacture quality pharmaceuticals products.
  • All devices at our premises are being oiled and serviced for better performance and better output.
  • The unit is well sanitised in order to keep the area well hygienic and contamination-free.
  • Due to being located in a duty-free zone, our services are found to be pocket friendly in prices.

Extensive Quality Pharma Products For Third Party Manufacturing

The research team analyzes the customer’s demand by conversing with the sales team and getting to know about the demand. This team brings the latest products by researching different atoms and molecules. Moreover, our products are manufactured in a cutting edge technology and being the best third party pharma manufacturing company in Nashik the supply chain management plays a vital role in our company. The sustainability in the production lane reduces the unnecessary expenditure by minimizing the extra usage of raw material. It not only reduces the total cost of the product but also makes the product more effective.

Some of the products from our extensive product portfolio 


  • Rajcef-AZ
  • Artisure-L
  • Acidrab LS
  • Byeworn Plus
  • Terbilord-250


  • Acidrab DSR
  • ITRALIFE 200
  • ITRALIFE-100
  • Sarjuvit L capsule
  • Neurolife Capsule

What Makes Our Services Beneficial For Our Customers?

Asterisk Healthcare has been putting its best to satisfy the clients while providing them with third party manufacturing services in Nashik. The company has analyzed the needs of the customer and got to know that they need just smooth services as they face various obstacles while getting services. Further, if we go in more depth then the late delivery of the products, shortage of the products in urgency, inaccurate information, delay in response are the major issues while taking third party manufacturing for pharmaceuticals from the manufacturer.

Let’s look at the solutions which we provide 

  • Logistics Solutions- Do not worry about the delivery of the products as we ensure the on-time delivery of the products since we are teamed up with the professional logistics team.
  • Inventory Maintenance- We always keep the most demanded products in our stock so that our frequent customers do not have to hassle here and there or wait for manufacturing.
  • Accurate Information- Our company has appointed customer care representatives who are always ready to help and support our customers and provide them with accurate information regarding services.

Benefits Of Third Party Manufacturing In Pharma Industry

In this contemporary pharma industry, many pharma professionals are adopting the third party manufacturing method. It saves lots of money which are required to invest in the different components and to establish the unit. Moreover, it also saves time which is needed to invest in different tasks such as manufacturing, packaging and delivering to the destination. Third Party Pharma manufacturing is a hassle-free concept and in time an individuals can put themself in the marketing of the products. Here at Asterisk Healthcare we provide unique quality and adhere to the measurements that bring perfection to the products.

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