Third-Party Manufacturer in Ludhiana – The demand for quality medicines is increasing rapidly in the Market which is the major reason that is making the healthcare sector more marvelous. Due to this high demand for Pharma products many pharmaceutical companies have started investing in these treatments and are looking for the top Third Party Manufacturer in Ludhiana. Asterisk Healthcare, a major third-party manufacturing company, has been striving for many years to keep society healthy. The company is ISO certified and specializes in a wide range of products that are manufactured under the guidelines of Health Organizations.

Asterisk Healthcare is a well-known brand in the pharmaceutical industry, meeting the needs of various companies and distributors for high-quality products. Years of hard work and dedication have made our company recognized as the best third-party manufacturer in Ludhiana. We mainly focus on product quality and manufacture them with the most advanced technology. In the manufacture of products, our employees adhere to all the standards set by the practice of manufacturing goods.


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WHO and GMP coordinate pharmaceutical production facilities in India

Asterisk Healthcare works on many active ingredients and delivers highly effective pharmaceutical products to the market. During our entire working hours, we have experienced many ups and downs and we have succeeded in upholding our goodwill by offering high-quality products. All of this has been achieved thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which enable us to supply the highest-quality medicines and to be the best third-party manufacturer in Ludhiana. Our units are supported by well-trained and experienced people who work hard to succeed.

Highlights of our manufacturing plant which make us the best in the market:

  • The device is equipped with modern machinery and other equipment
  • Our machines are properly set up to control the material.
  • All devices are checked and lubricated periodically by our engineers.
  • Our unit is built on a large plot of land with a first-class infrastructure.
  • To keep the production clean and free from dirt, the device is disinfected regularly.
  • A highly qualified production team uses the production process.

Broad Range of Pharma Products offered by Third Party Manufacturer in Ludhiana

Asterisk Healthcare constantly focuses on bringing Pharma products that are meant to meet the demands of the market. We not only provide third-party Manufacturing services all over the nation, but we also sell a wide team of networking channels as well. With the help of our distribution channel, we can offer on-time delivery of our bulk order within every part of the nation. We also make use of top-class ingredients for our Pharma product manufacturing thus we are the best Third Party Manufacturer in Ludhiana.

Have a look at our vast product portfolio given by us:

  • Liver- Health Tonics
  • Neurology Medicines
  • Digestive Supplement
  • Sexual Healthcare Range
  • Hematology Supplements
  • Cardiovascular Medicines
  • Hair Nail Skin Growth Range
  • Ayurvedic
  • Anti-Diabetic
  • Anti-Dengue
  • Anti-Obesity
  • Anti-diarrheal
  • Fairness Formula
  • Gynecology Range
  • Health Supplement
  • Urology Products
  • Orthopedics Range
  • Anti-Anemia

Excellent Services Offered By Top Manufacturing Company in Ludhiana

Asterisk Healthcare is a respected name in the industry and is known for its customer satisfaction. We have a large group of customers who are completely satisfied with our services. For this reason, we follow all the standards set by WHO and GMP to meet global product standards. Most of our customers have been our partners with third-party manufacturers in Ludhiana for more than 5 years. We know that many companies and corporations face several problems when receiving manufacturing services from other companies.

But here at Asterisk Healthcare, their all issues get solved:

Drug availability: In the pharmaceutical industry, many customers or clients do not receive products from manufacturing companies when they need the most in-demand products. This has been a major concern, but we always have the most requested products and we are ready to ship products when customers need them.

Transportation system: We understand that delays in receiving products are a serious problem for many companies and retailers. You receive product requests from customers in the market and orders from manufacturers, but unfortunately, you do not receive the desired product at the agreed time. Asterisk Healthcare always values ​​our customers’ time and ensures timely delivery because we have employed an excellent logistics team.

Process of Our Third Party Manufacturing Services in Ludhiana

Third-party manufacturing services are at the forefront of demand. This demand is increasing rapidly day by day and many companies are using the production capacity of other companies. This trend is increasing as people outsource production units instead of installing their equipment and buying all the equipment they need.

Working with the best third-party manufacturers in Ludhiana can reduce huge investment costs and ultimately financial burdens. It also saves a lot of time and meanwhile customers can focus on marketing and promoting their products and brands. However, one thing that customers need to keep in mind is the quality of the products we offer.

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