Third Party Manufacturer in Jammu- Due to lack of money or do not want to take the pressure of all sorts of work, the pharma professionals prefer to go with third party manufacturing services. In today’s scenario one of the prominent names in the pharma market is emerging, is Asterisk Healthcare which is known for offering top quality pharma products. Recently,  we have been nominated as the best Third Party Manufacturer in Jammu just because of our quality products. We have a wide range of DCGI and FSSAI approved pharma products.

Asterisk Healthcare is the ISO certified Third Party Manufacturer in Jammu which has been putting every single effort to make the services better. We manufacture the products under the rules and regulations laid by the World Health Organisation in order to match the worldwide standard of the products. Our quality pharma products are preferred by every  3rd person in the pharma market that makes us proud. The product ranges in which we offer  Third party pharma manufacturing services in Jammu are Tablets, Capsules, sachets, injections, eye drops and so on.

Third Party Manufacturer in Jammu

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WHO And GMP Certified Unit For Third Party Manufacturing Services In Jammu

Our organisation has been serving the pharma market since 2005, and in this working tenure, we have made a  reputable name in the market. We have achieved numerous nominations during our working term. This has only been possible just because of our manufacturing plant which is constructed in a wide spacious land and has various separate departments for each kind of production-related tasks. We are teamed up with the well educated and qualified staff who also have been putting in their every single effort.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of our manufacturing unit

  • The unit is well equipped with hi-tech machinery and other manufacturing equipment.
  • All devices get oiled and serviced by our technicians for better performance.
  • Our manufacturing plant gets sanitization daily to keep the area contamination-free.
  • It is backed by a highly skilled professional production team that utilises cutting edge technology.
  • Because our facility is in a duty-free zone, we can provide tax-free services.

Avail Our Effective Pharma Products For The Business

Our main focus is our products in which we offer third party manufacturing in Jammu. We understand that as we are engaged with the pharma products which are directly linked with the human being. Therefore, it is our duty to deal with only quality products and in order to ensure the uncompromising with the effectiveness of the product, our products go through from different tests. Our quality control team assesses the products at each step to maintain their effectiveness of the products.

Here are some of the product ranges

  • Anti-Diabetic
  • Anti-Obesity
  • Antidiarrheal
  • Ayurvedic
  • Anti-Anemia
  • Anti-Dengue
  • Fairness Formula
  • Gynecology Range
  • Hepatology Supplements
  • Liver- Health Tonics
  • Neurology Medicines
  • Cardiovascular Medicines
  • Digestive Supplement
  • Hair Nail Skin Growth Range
  • Health Supplement
  • Urology Products
  • Orthopedics Range
  • Powders Granules for External and Oral Use
  • Sexual Healthcare Range

What Advantages Make Us The Beneficial Third Party Manufacturer In Jammu?

Incepted in 2005, Asterisk Healthcare has left a significant benchmark in the pharma industry.  We are a customer-focused company which not only ensures just quality products but also the satisfaction of the customer. We satisfy them by offering them quality third party pharma manufacturing as well as lucrative services. While establishing this company, we evaluated the primary concerns of pharma experts who receive third-party pharma manufacturing. Here are some of the key benefits of using our manufacturing services.

  • Safety- While packaging and delivering the products we especially take care of the safety of the products even all safety measurements are taken by us.
  • Logistics service- Asterisk Healthcare values the time of the client and always gives the best to deliver the products in a given time through the logistics team.
  • Stock availability- At our company, our customers do not have to worry about the stock as we always keep ourselves prepared with the most demanded products at our warehouse.
  • R&D team- Once the research team comes with the latest products, first we represent to our customers.

Process Of Our Manufacturing Of Pharma Products

Third party Manufacturing has become a popular method to obtain quality pharma products. It saves lots of time as well as money required for enabling plants and for other duties. As it saves time, it allows the customers to give more emphasis on advertising the products with their own branding in the market. Our company allows our clients to work hassle-free in the market by getting our third-party manufacturing in Jammu.

How we man

  1. Firstly we obtain scientifically verified raw materials from trustworthy companies.
  2. All of our raw materials are segregated, and our quality control personnel inspects and eliminates any extraneous particles.
  3. Then we begin with the production line by processing all of the chemicals in machines.
  4. Mixing, granulation, grinding, coatings, filling, and other duties are all part of the manufacturing process.
  5. The packaging team wraps the products correctly and provides beautiful packaging.

Asterisk Healthcare welcomes the pharma professionals to get our quality pharma products for third party manufacturing in Jammu.

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