Third Party Manufacturer in Bhiwandi:- Bhiwandi is a commercial city of Maharastra and a major trade centre of India. Apart from this India is the fourth largest manufacturer of pharma products in the World. India holds a competitive edge in Pharma manufacturing due to its effective cost method of production. Numerous people join the race of becoming the top pharma manufacturing company in Bhiwandi because of owning to statistics of our nation’s pharmaceutical sector. But few are able to survive tough compassion. In today’s world surviving hard competition in the pharma market is very tough.  Aside from Asterisk Healthcare, 16+ years of experience Third Party Manufacturer in Bhiwandi produced large-scale products at one time.

Asterisk Healthcare is GMP-WHO and ISO-certified manufacturer Company in Bhiwandi, it dominates the pharmaceutical industry with its superior quality 150+ vibrant range of pharma items. Such as capsules, drops, syrups, dry syrups, tablets, and much more, and all products are approved by FSSAI and DCGI. To maintain an incredible intensity in the manufacturing industry we follow all guidelines of WHO and GMP. With a commendable experience as a leading Third Party Manufacturer in Bhiwandi we deal in all categories of products in the Pharma industry. Moreover, as the best Third Party in the pharma market, our aim is not only to increase sales but the satisfaction of clients and mankind’s welfare.

Third Party Manufacturer in Bhiwandi

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Best Pharma Partners For Getting Third Party Manufacturing Service in Bhiwandi

Asterisk healthcare is the top-ranked manufacturer company amongst the pharma manufacturers. Established in the year 2005, our firm is committed to serving high-quality products. Our manufacturing unit is based in a big area in Bhiwandi which is environment friendly and produces mass-scale products. We save the costs of workers and provide all medication on a pocket-friendly budget and offer our products in bulk quantity to wholesaler, retailers, pharmacists, franchise holders, Pharma entrepreneurs, and much more.

  • We have received multifarious distinguished awards and certificates for formulating top-quality medicines.
  • High-performance culture in our firm will help in our business outcome, all team members are quite diverse to create a comprehensive.
  • We are supported by a wide distribution network, suppliers ensure that they go around with the regularity mechanism in the movement to pharma goods.
  • Our procedures and policies are safe and suitable according to the pharma field and partners conduct business in a responsible manner and legal.

Effectual Stocks Manufactured By Asterisk with Best Packaging

Our all products are effective in all kinds of diseases such as bacterial infection, UTIs, cough, colds, fever, etc. Packaging plays a crucial role, our all formulations are packed by skilled employees moreover we appointed the designer team to make our products’ packaging very attractive. Before delivery, we checked that all packets are leakage and damage-proof. All stocks are sanitized by our trustworthy staff, we have high-tech types of equipment to produce and packed products in an accurate way and in a large scale. Let’s look at the first-rate Products list Manufactured by our Firm

  • Tablet/Amoxycillin Range Tablet
  • Tablet/Cefadroxil Range
  • Tablet/Cefdinir Range
  • Tablet/Cefixime Range
  • Tablet/Cefpodoxime Range
  • Tablet/Cefuroxime Range
  • Tablet / Cephalexin Range
  • Tablet/Sultamicillin Range
  • Capsules
  • Dry Syrup/Amoxycillin Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefaclor Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefadroxil Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefdinir Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefixime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefpodoxime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefprozil Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefuroxime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cephalexin Range
  • Syrup & Suspension

Why do you Collaborate with a Top Third Party Manufacturer Company?

For error-free manufacturing, our firm used high-tech machinery and we believe in smart work moreover we have the latest technology and professional staff, they are experienced in their field, they make their best effort to make you satisfied. Moreover, our best company offers help in trademark and drug registration in all ranges of pharmaceuticals. Our business plans make by highly professional which is profitable or beneficial for all our partners, we value our partners and believe in long-term partnerships so we offer them some facilities.

  • 24 hours socks available- Requiring top-rated stocks are always available, we never want to see our partner face any difficulty of a shortage of stocks so we are always available for you.
  • Ware-house:- we have our own warehouse store, which is airy, and the temperature of the warehouse is controlled by professionals to increase the lifeline of medicines.
  • Own mico labs:- We have our own labs where we tested all products very deeply and ensure that all products are safe, pure, effective, and suitable.
  • Trusted Vendor:- We take our raw materials from trusted vendors of the pharma market, the raw material is handpicked by our reliable staff to maintain all safety.

Informative and Ethical Third Party Manufacturer in Bhiwandi

We do not want that our partner and us face any kind of barrier during the partnership period so Our firm is very informative about our work process even though we provide all ingredients information on our product label moreover our procedure is very transparent. Our business module is based on ethics such as accountability, loyalty, environmental concerns, fairness, responsibility, law-abiding, and compassion. Moreover, we have broad infrastructure facilities with modern technology and we never fail to meet the requirement of customers.

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ASTERISK HEALTHCARE:-V.PO. Bathri, Tehsil Haroli, Distt. UNA-174301 (Manufacturing Unit In Himachal Pradesh)

Contact person Shivani Sharma +91 9216413888,  +91 77173 37608