Isotretinoin capsules

Isotretinoin 20mg capsules

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Isotretinoin capsules are used to treat acne and other inflammatory issues on the skin and other parts of the body. 

Isotretinoin Capsules are exclusively used to treat severe acne on the skin, as well as to decrease inflammation. This medication is used to treat acne with a lot of pus-filled areas that can affect the back and chest as well as the face. Isotretinoin is a vitamin A derivative. It works on the sebaceous glands to limit the production of sebum, a natural material that causes acne. This medicine also helps in treating bacterial infection 

Acne-causing germs are also killed by restricted sebum production. It also functions as an anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation, which produces redness and swelling. Isotretinoin capsules work by lowering the quantity of natural oil produced by the skin, reducing the likelihood of clogged pores. In this way, Isotretinoin capsules work against acne and other inflammatory substances that cause swelling and redness.

Benefits Of Isotretinoin Capsules

  • Reduce severe acne.
  • Treat swelling and redness.
  • Also helps in removing skin irritation.
  • Use for stopping the bacterial infection

Direction To Use This Medicine

Isotretinoin capsules are usually taken once or twice a day by the patient. Each capsule contains 20mg of isotretinoin, and the dose of isotretinoin capsules varies from person to person and is determined by an individual’s weight. To avoid stomach upset, swallow the capsules whole with a glass of water after eating.

Precautions For Isotretinoin Capsules

Isotretinoin does not remove acne hyperpigmentation. Acne causes hyperpigmentation, which is characterized by dark patches. Pores. Isotretinoin will minimize pores while the patient is on therapy because it shrinks sebaceous glands, but the pores will recover to normal size after a few months of discontinuing Isotretinoin.

Side Effects Of Isotretinoin Capsules

Isotretinoin capsules rarely cause any side effects which do not need any serious attention. These common side effects will disappear once the body is adapted to the medicine. However, despite the fact that it seldom has any harmful consequences, it is worth noting. Let us tell the doctor if this drug has any serious side effects.

  • Dry eyes, throat, nose, and nosebleeds
  • Headaches, as well as general aches and pains
  • The skin’s sensitivity to sunlight is increasing.

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Isotretinoin 20mg capsules

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