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Cephalexin Dispersible 250 mg Tablets

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Cephalexin Dispersible Tablets are an antibiotic medicine that is used to treat bacterial infections In the body. The type of infections that it treats consist of infections of the lungs, ears, skin, soft tissues, bones, joints, throat, and urinary tract. This medicine works by killing the bacteria and in this way it cures the infection and provides relief from all the symptoms that the patient may be having.

Cephalexin Dispersible Tablets being an antibiotic is the infection causing bacteria and it also stops it from forming its protective covering that is also called the cell wall. This cell wall is very important for bacteria to survive and grow with time but Cephalexin Dispersible Tablets Stop it from doing so as it, first of all, destroys its cell wall and then kills the bacteria and as a result, the individual gets relief from all the symptoms of bacterial infection.

Uses of Cephalexin Dispersible Tablets

  • It treats various kinds of bacterial infections.
  • The symptoms of bacterial infection such as itching and rashes are also solved by it.

Side Effects

Cephalexin Dispersible Tablets may cause some side effects that tend to go away with the passage of time but if they don’t then a Healthcare export nursery contact me as soon as possible.

  • Rash
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion

Directions For Use

  • This medicine may be taken with or without food but it is advised to take it after eating a meal as it will allow its better effectiveness.
  • The whole course must be completed as stopping it in between may cause a decrease in the benefits that the patient may get otherwise.
  • Try to take this medication at the same time every day as it will provide better benefit in that case.
  • The dosage will be prescribed by the doctor concerned and any kind of changes will be made only by him only.
  • Do not chew or break this tablet and it is advised to swallow it as a whole.

Safety Precautions

  • Let the Healthcare export know if the patient is already having some kind of disease or any other medical problem or is undergoing any medical treatment.
  • Consumption of alcohol is not advised while using this medication
  • If the patient is having a liver or kidney disease then special precautionary measures must be taken in the dosage of this medicine.
  • Any doses of this pharma drug must not be skipped as it can reduce the effectiveness of the whole treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 Is taking Cephalexin Dispersible Tablets Safe?

Yes taking Cephalexin Dispersible Tablets Is completely safe when done as per the advice of the concerned healthcare expert.

2 Can This Medicine Cause Diarrhea?

In some patients, this medicine may cause diarrhea as it is an antibiotic that kills the bacteria. And thus it also helps the bacteria present in your stomach or intestine.

3 Can I Stop Taking This Medicine After I Get Rid Of My Symptoms?

One may stop taking this medicine after they get relief from the symptoms of bacterial infection but it is advised to be complete the whole course that is prescribed by the doctor in order to ensure that the bacterial infection does not come back easily.

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