Cefpodoxime Proxetil Oral Suspension IP 100 mg

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Cefpodoxime Proxetil Oral Suspension IP 100 mg- it is an antibiotic that is prescribed by a child specialist. This syrup is often used for treating bacterial infections. This medicine prevents various kinds of infections like brain, lungs, ear, abdomen, bones, joints, skin, heart, and blood. It is also effective in treating typhoid fever in children and adolescents.

Cefpodoxime Proxetil Oral Suspension IP 100 mg is also effective in treating typhoid fever in children and adolescents. Using this medicine for your children, after taking some food and meals. Do not use this medicine on your child in case of cold and flu symptoms as this medicine is an antibiotic. 

Uses of Cefpodoxime Proxetil Oral Suspension IP 100 mg

This medicine kills the infection in your body and this infection can be due to harmful bacteria in your body.  It is commonly given to children for the treatment of a wide range of bacterial infections targeting the ears, eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin, gastrointestinal tract, and urinary tract. Some benefits of this medicine are given below.

  • Infection in the brain
  • Infection in the ears
  • Infection in the blood
  • Infection in the urinary tract
  • Infection in the abdomen

Direction for use

  • The dose depends on your age and medical health so do not give the same dose to others.
  • Consume this Syrup in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor.
  • Read all the instructions or guidelines carefully that are written on the label of medicine.
  • Shake the bottle well before using it and take it with food.


  • Store in cool and dry place
  • Keep away from the reach of children.
  • Keep away from sunlight.


  • If doctors prescribe these syrups for cough and cold only when they detect any underlying secondary bacterial infection.
  • Tell all the medical history of your child before using this medicine including allergy, heart problem, blood disorder, birth defects, airway obstruction, lung anomaly, gastrointestinal problem.
  • If your child is allergic to any ingredient of this medicine then inform your doctor about it.
  • Do not overdose if you skip any dose 

Side effects of Cefpodoxime Proxetil Oral Suspension IP 100 mg

Some of the minor and temporary side effects of this medicine include.

  • Rashes
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache

Frequently Asked Question about this syrups

What if I skip giving it to my kids?

you can give the missed dose as soon as you remember it. Skip the missed dose if it’s almost time for the next dose.

If my child takes medicine for kidney disease, can I give this syrup to my child?

Yes, it is prescribed safe for your child but before use it, we advise you consult a child specialist.

Can it cause a headache ?

Yes, sometimes it can have minor side effects on your child’s body so do not panic if it recovers within a few days.

What if I give too much of these Syrup by mistake?

Overdose may cause unwanted side effects and may even worsen your child’s condition. So immediately speak to a doctor.

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