Best Third Party Manufacturer in Moradabad:- Best medicines help to make people healthy, many manufacturing companies claims that they manufactured effective medicines but they fail to do it. Asterisk Healthcare is Best Third Party Manufacturer in Moradabad and it is a GMP, WHO, and ISO-certified well-known company for producing top rated more than 500  products such as capsules, dry syrups, tablets, injectables, etc all products are sanctioned by FSSAI and DCGI moreover to maintain the standard of manufacturing business in the global level we strictly follow all instructions of WHO and GMP. We produced superior quality goods with the help of high-tech machinery and advanced technology and under the guidance of an experienced team and health organization.

We got many awards and certificates from many reputed organizations because we not only deliver first-rated formulations but also provide it an affordable range to wholesalers, retailers, franchise holders, suppliers, dealers, and much more. We have our own manufacturing units which are tax-free and have the capacity to mass producing of medicines. Being a Best Third Party Manufacturer in Moradabad we deal with many products ranges on a large scale such as the ortho range, derma range, nutriceutical range, non-beta lactam range, liquid medicines, and much more franchise holders, and provide the best services to them also.

Best Third Party Manufacturer in Moradabad

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Best Third-Party Pharma Manufacturer in India- Asterisk Healthcare

Asterisk Healthcare offering its product-producing service in Moradabad since 2005, and make a reliable position in the Pharma industry, our hard work and best efforts make us a top company in manufacturing services. We know today that investing in marketing and manufacturing becomes expensive to overcome this problem we offer you a stable platform with economic benefits and we are associated with top-notch brands moreover offering them the best quality items and professional services. As a goal achiever manufacturing company we meet the demands of the higher customers who take our services and deals.

  • Own-tested labs:- Our organization is divided into different departments such as production, quality checking, packaging, assembling, etc, and our experts are proficient to understand the needs of customers, they make their best efforts to make customers satisfied for achieving this goal check each product at ground level in our own tested labs.
  • High Tech Machnaries:- Advanced equipment and high tech equipment ate used to maintain accuracy in work moreover for appropriate dosage forms like liquid medicines, solid and semi-solid.
  • Fast Delivery:- Our firm is committed to delivering their all stocks on time moreover being a punctual organization we promised to deliver stocks before the deadline because we value your time.
  • Large-Scale production:- Our production unit is very large and the area is very big we care about environmental concerns  and produce all products with accuracy at one time that’s the reason we counted as a top manufacturing company in Moradabad

Vibrant Range of Products offered by Asterisk Healthcare

All more than 500 ranges of products manufactured by Best Third Party Manufacturer in Moradabad are very effective in all kinds of diseases such as cough, fever, and bacterial infection, moreover, formulations are safe, and pure even raw material of medication is purchased by a trusted vendor, and all raw material is handpicked by our own staff. Even our aim is not only increasing sales but also customer satisfaction, and mankind’s welfare so we distribute products in an affordable range. Our firm in Moradabad is situated in a large environment-friendly area and produced large-scale pharmaceutical products at one time. Let’s look at the list of products portfolio.

  • Capsules
  • Dry Syrup/Amoxycillin Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefaclor Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefadroxil Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefdinir Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefixime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefpodoxime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefprozil Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cefuroxime Range
  • Dry Syrup/Cephalexin Range
  • Syrup & Suspension
  • Tablet/Amoxycillin Range Tablet
  • Tablet/Cefadroxil Range
  • Tablet/Cefdinir Range
  • Tablet/Cefixime Range
  • Tablet/Cefpodoxime Range
  • Tablet/Cefuroxime Range
  • Tablet / Cephalexin Range
  • Tablet/Sultamicillin Range

Best Packaging Offered By Best Third Party Manufacturer in Moradabad

Packaging plays an important role in increasing sales and our firm hires the best designer team to make attractive products people looking for an attractive product with quality material sources to give the edge to the product so we create creative out-of-the-box formulations. Moreover, we deal with transparency because we do not want to create any misunderstanding between us and our clients moreover the labeling of our products is very informative and we gave you proper information about product use, effects, and ingredients. We offer the best design to a client’s requirements such as shape, forms, and sizes. After this step, qualities are raised by professionals, and this will depend on the below points

  • Raw material value\ Goods Price
  • Cost of Packaging Material
  • Transit\ Security Insurance
  • Charges (Quality Control, Local Transportation & Consumables)
  • Loss for process RM&PM
  • Manufacturing Cost
  • Tax (GST relevant)

Benefits of Collaborating With Top Pharma Manufacturers in India

Asterisk strictly follow all the quality measurement as per the Indian Medical Association guidelines and rules. We have the latest storage equipment for the safety and purity of our all formulation stocks. Our firm offers a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and our firm branch is situated in a spacious and eco-friendly area. In our warehouse, we ensure that the RH traceability & temperature use a data logger during transit, and all items are kept in an atmosphere-controlled storage area to increase the lifeline of medicines moreover we have a strong market area of demanding medicines in India and we believe in long term partnership.

  • Microbiological Laboratory to examine raw material
  • We save your employment cost
  • Safe, Secured, and safe dispatch methods
  • 24*7 Customer Care Service
  • Assistance in Marketing Tool Production
  • Organized Firm
  • Production Period 10 to 15 days

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Manufacturing Plant address

ASTERISK HEALTHCARE:-V.PO. Bathri, Tehsil Haroli, Distt. UNA-174301 (Manufacturing Unit In Himachal Pradesh)

Contact personShivani Sharma

+91 9216413888

+91 77173 37608